Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Home

                                              Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Home
As the weather warms up, many of us find ourselves motivated to freshen up our homes. Spring cleaning isn’t just good for appearances. You can turn your house into a healthier home by following these easy tips.
Update the Insulation
If you have an older home, it’s almost impossible to know exactly what kind of insulation is hiding in your walls. Many types are inefficient or unhealthy and you should replace them. The first step is to have a professional examine your existing insulation. They’ll be able to determine what sort of insulation your home has without exposing you to anything harmful, like asbestos.
There’s another benefit to replacing your insulation beyond safety – savings. New insulation can dramatically reduce your monthly power bill. The savings can pay for the installation quickly. Plus, updated insulation will draw buyers and make it easier to get top dollar for your home, should you decide to sell.
Order a Mold Inspection
The problem with mold is that for most of us, out of sight equals out of mind. Many homeowners don’t even consider mold a problem until it’s already visible. Instead of waiting to see it, hire a professional to check your home for mold. Not only will it keep your family safer, it will be less expensive to eliminate the problem early versus when it gets out of hand.
Choose Excellent Paints
Many homeowners repaint during the spring. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your space and increase your home’s value, but you need to be careful about what kinds of paint you use. Paints and stains account for as much as 9 percent of volatile organic compound emissions every year, according to the EPA. Select low-VOC varieties to minimize the harmful chemicals in your home.
Take Off Your Shoes
Shoes harbor lots of harmful bacteria in addition to dirt and debris. Though you can sweep and mop some of it away, some bacteria can stick around carpets. Wearing shoes inside your home spreads outdoor contaminants throughout it. Always take off your shoes in the entryway or mudroom to contain dirt and keep your house clean.
Add Green
Live plants serve double duty by brightening your space and purifying the air. Certain plants will remove chemicals (like formaldehydes) from your indoor environment. Some plants, like aloe vera, also have other convenient uses like treating burns and small cuts. Make sure you choose plant varieties that aren’t toxic to your pets.


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