Monday, July 24, 2017

6 Tips for a Stress-free Move

                                                         6 Tips for a Stress-free Move

Moving can be very stressful. Packing up your family’s life and moving it to a new location takes planning, time, and effort.  Instead of being stressed about the move, get yourself organized so you can be excited about the new home and opportunities for your family.

Here are six tips to make a move to a new home easier:

1. Make a List

Write down everything you will be moving. This record system allows you to place items in numbered boxes and write down the content of every box. When you get to your new home, you will be grateful to know exactly where everything is and which room to put each box in.

2. Use Clear Bins

Purchase a couple of clear plastic bins to use for the most important items. These items are things you will need first in the move like paper towels, trash bags, necessary cookware, phone chargers, and tools. The clear bin will stand out in the sea of cardboard boxes and allow you to get the items you need quickly.

3. Pre-Clean the Home

If possible, go to your new home early for a quick touch-up in the kitchen area and bathroom(s). These tasks can be tedious on moving day and having the home pre-cleaned will allow you to start unpacking right away. Stock up the cleaning supplies and toiletries ahead of time, so there is no stress in finding these items.

4. Hire Movers for the Valuables

It can be cost effective to ask your friends and family to help you move, however, if you are transporting heavy, valuable furniture, you may want to consider hiring a mover. They have experience moving these types of items and can lower your risk of damaging anything important. If they do, they are insured and can pay for it.

5. Donation Pickup

Arrange for pickup if you have items you are planning to donate to charity. Most charities are willing to come to your home to pick up the items, especially if you are donating large pieces of furniture. This saves you the trouble of figuring out how to get these pieces there.

6. Clean out the Fridge

Buy your last set of groceries at least two weeks before the move. This is the time to get creative with your cooking and use up any items in the fridge that won’t last the move. The less waste you have to worry about throwing out before the move, the better.
A move is a challenge, but there are ways to ensure it’s less of a hassle. Keep these tips in mind for a stress-free transition.

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